About us

Hi there, I’m Aimee, the owner of Reinvent Boutique.

I love love love clothes, what can I say! I have a real passion for fashion as you’ll notice when entering my boutique, there are racks of bold colours, patterns and shapes galore. In particular I enjoy working with women, up close and one on one, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone look and feel fantastic in a gorgeous new outfit. I truly believe the way in which we dress really can make a difference to how we live our lives, it’s so empowering to walk out the door in the morning wearing perfectly fitted clothes you love, your head is held high and you feel powerful, as if you can conquer anything. I’ve worked in the corporate world for the last twenty years, and have always loved how fashion could brighten up any day, it got to a point where I’d had enough of the daily grind and the stress that life brings, enough was enough, it was time to focus on my passion, empowering women through fashion and making them feel great from the inside out.

Shopping at my boutique is a relaxed and fun experience, I’m here to help as much or as little as you like. Some of my loyal customers would happily tell you how much they enjoy my kind persuasive nature, getting them into styles and colours completely outside of their comfort zones, you never know until you try and some amazing discoveries have been made, let me tell you! I’m full of helpful and everyday wearable fashion tips and tricks, to make that piece of clothing sit perfectly on your body type. So, if you’d like to have a laugh, a good chat and do some seriously good shopping, pop in for a visit, I can’t wait to see you!