Reinvent your wardrobe.

At Reinvent Boutique we believe in second chances. We're a pre-loved clothing boutique based in Lincoln, Christchurch. We love colour colour colour, bold patterns, everyday and designer brands. Pop into our store or buy online - the choice is yours!

Discovering Reinvent Boutique and the lovely Aimee has been a big win, win win for me. I love the simplicity of popping into the shop to be greeted by an always bubbly and bright Aimee, leaving my no longer loved by me clothes with her, then getting an inventory  emailed to me listing the items, then regular emails of items sold! I would normally be that person that hoofs everything into the local clothing bins, but now with Aimee's amazingly easy to use  service and automated consignment system, I can make a bit of dosh and  really what is not to love about that!!

I walked into Reinvent not knowing what I wanted. Looked at a few tops but nothing really jumped out. Aimee asked if she could help. I told her to dress me from head to toe and this is exactly what she did. Aimee said she loved doing this. I left with 2 jackets, 4 tops, trousers for work and 2 scarves. I have worn them all. I went in again today and came out with another bag of lovely clothes and it was stress free. Go and have a look!!! 


I just love your shop and now your website!!! Everything I have purchased from you has been in excellent condition and the communication has been second to none. You are so quick to reply to my messages and queries and delivery is prompt. I am so pleased to be a part of your journey to date and know that your business will go from strength to strength. I will continue to recommend your business to all of my friends. No doubt you will be seeing and hearing from me soon regarding my next purchase.