How to sell with us

How do I sell my clothing through Reinvent Boutique?

We believe in second chances, instead of letting your unworn clothes sit in the wardrobe gathering dust, let the have another trip around the block with a thankful new owner, meanwhile you'll make 50%* of anything of yours that's sold in-store or online!
Here at Reinvent we run a fantastic system that tracks your clothing. All items accepted are barcoded and every time an items sells you receive an email letting you know what has sold and what your upcoming payment balance is.

1) You've cleared out your wardrobe, what next?

Freshly washed clothing is bagged up (in a bag or box you are happy to leave with me) and bring them into the shop. Please note: Unwashed clothing will not be accepted. It's important to know that we take pride in selling high quality, stylish women's clothing so we ask that you take the time to sort through your items to ensure they are are of the current season i.e. Summer, Winter and don't have any pilling, rips, fading, stains etc. Please note that I don't accept some labels i.e. Kmart, The Warehouse, Pagani, Glassons H&M and Supre to name a few. We'll look through your items and select those suitable then you'll fill out our form with your details, return/donation and payment options. We always endeavor to look through your items in the shop, but at times this may not be possible, we may hold them and select what's suitable then contact you after.

Please don't be offended if we don't list your clothing. It can be for many reasons why we don't take them.

*Please note we only accept Clothing, Shoes and some fashion accessories. No swimwear, Underwear, activewear, sleepwear etc

2) Let the selling begin!

The items we've selected will be suitably priced, entered into the system, barcoded, uploaded to the website (some items may not be listed on the website for various reasons) and go on the racks! We aim to ensure a quick turnaround from selection to the racks/website but please be aware this process may take up to 4 weeks so your patience is greatly appreciated. Clothing will remain on the racks for up to 6 weeks, after 4 weeks unsold items go on sale for 2 weeks - completing the 6 weeks sale cycle.

3) Show me the money honey!

Payment for sold clothing will be made at the end of each month via internet banking or you can use as credit to shop in-store! Once the 6 weeks are up, all unsold items will be collected or donated. If collection of items is not made within 7 days of making contact with you, the items will be donated to one of our chosen charities.